Monday, October 27, 2008

the beginning

it all started in january 2008.
i knew i needed to explore

going to school in massachusetts is great, don't get me wrong.
i'm not selfish, but i wanted more.

my sister, elyse, took a year off after we all graduated high school. i'm beginning the think she had the right idea. while i was in massachusetts elyse was in south america working with orphans. while i was, once again, writing another five paragraph essay, elyse was in the mexican wilderness. to say i was envious is a complete understatement. i dreamed of what she was doing and longed to do it myself.

yes, studying abroad is exactly what it says--studying while abroad in another country. so no, i won't be working with orphans, rebuilding bolivian high schools or traveling to the mayan ruins, but i will be in australia.

let's take this one step further-could i be leaving this country at any better a time? president bush, and i use the term 'president' very lightly, has honestly ruined this country. yes, our economy sucks! and every other country pretty much looks down on us because we stick our asses in everybody elses business. i will finally be free from this george w. bush legacy, no longer be poisoned by a texan man who cannot speak english. hopefully when i return in june, barack obama will finally make something happen in the oval office.

all in all, this process has been extremely long. i started looking into australia in january 2008. picking a university was very important to me. first, i chose griffith university. i have a friend named Ant who lives in brisbane. going to griffith would mean close proximity to him and getting a great education. however, i am in no way an art student.

i have always had a thing for foreign countries. Working at a ymca camp in connecticut, i have been introduced to more great international people then i could have ever dreamed of, many of which are from the great country of australia.

i decided to go with murdoch university because of it's education program and it's location. western australia has been said to be the best kept secret in all of the continent. i have seen pictures and i am already amazed--i cannot wait to actually see western australia in real life.

what i have done so far
1) screamed from excitement.
yes, when i got the phonecall saying murdoch university accepted me, i immediately jumped on my roommate and screamed, quite literally, "I'M GOING TO FUCKING AUSTRALIA".

2) made my initial payment, and filled out my housing request.

3) got my flight details! sometimes i need to pinch myself--is this really happening?

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