Monday, March 30, 2009

reunited (and it feels so good!)

hills left this morning :(

but it was awesome to see her! she seems to be having a great time at griffith, which is awesome.

she came thursday night. on friday, hills and i plus april and chris went to scarborough beach. it was really nice out, like 95 degrees. chris and april surfed while hills and i lounged and swam and got tan. on saturday, we went again, adding patten, kim, kevin, and jeff to the group. it was definately windy on saturday so i spent most of my time wrapped up in my towel. i went in once, though, so it was worth it. saturday night was adam's birthday party. it took us about a half hour to find out where his house was, but it was totally worth it--met a lot of cool people, so that was fun. on sunday, hills and i went to the freo markets with andy and kaylie. i got this snake ring and a pair of purple sunnies with a heart cut out in between the eyes. STELLAR.

this morning, i woke up at 6:30am to bid farewell to hilldog.

i'll see her on saturday 18 april, though, so i'm psyched about that!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


oh hey, guess who got drunky drunk lastnight?
IT'S PERFECTLY LEGAL. a couple of my friends and i went to the kardy lastnight, the kardinya tavern, which is like, a ten minute walk from campus. it was student night. it was stellar.

oh how i love red wine and friends.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

real world: south east asia

south east asia was INCREDIBLE. i have never felt so immersed in different cultures before and i loved every second of it. I went with three friends; Michelle, Andria and Kirkland. We flew from Perth to Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia on the 12th. KL was beautiful--we went to a bunch of temples and the petronas towers--the tallest twin towers in the worlds. they're even taller than the twin towers that used to be in NYC. when the towers light up at night, it's incredible. it's very interesting, their were many parts of KL that we passed that were very poor, yet this city is capable of having the largest twin towers in the world. Then we headed to Singapore on a five hour bus ride. Singapore is, by far, the cleanest city I have ever been too! You can't chew gum or else you get fined, you can't eat on the public transit or else you get fined, you can't spit or else you get fined--basically because of all these rules, you could eat off the streets and be perfectly fine. We saw the Merlion, which is sort of their mascot. They have two beautiful statues of the merlion--a mix between a mermaid and a merlion. They're beautiful. We also went to the southeastern most point in continental asia. There beaches around there were BEAUTIFUL. Then we headed to Jakarta, Indonesia. Jakarta has the most concentrated group of muslims in the entire world. Because of this, of course, the mosques were beautiful, as were the other temples! To end off the trip, we traveled to Bali, also in Indonesia, and stayed in a great resort right near the beach. The sunsets in Bali definately rivaled the ones in Australia, but I'd have to say Australia plevailed. The third picture on this post is a sunset from Bali, you be the judge.
So now i'm back in lovely perth! it was a great trip--i really enjoyed it. If you want to see more pictures, check out my facebook if we're facebook friends. I have four albums of pictures up.
now back to doing work and getting ready for classes to start back up again tomorrow. weird, eh?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

joe purdy

i'm heading to malaysia, bali and singapore early tomorrow morning and won't be back in perth until the 21st. i won't have a computer with me, so the blog posts won't be as frequent, but i will definately post a bunch of pictures from the trip when i come back, so you can look forward to that.

i'll leave you with lyrics from a favourite new artist of mine, joe purdy.
my friend gave me some of his stuff and i'm honestly in love with it now.

"I've been to Holland and I've been to New York
and I've seen the Golden Gate Bridge
and I've done the things my parents have dreamed
but i aint never seen nothing like this"

'this' referring to australia, of course.

i am in love with this country.
if there was a stronger word for love, i'd use it.

until next post xx

Sunday, March 8, 2009

travelling around OZ

i'm in the airport waiting to board the plane back from melbourne to perth.
travelling was AWESOME!
i saw my friends erin and julia and manon from camp. i had a great time! manon and julias friends were turning 18, so i went to the party and met a bunch of their friends. they loved that i was american and kept asking me to say stuff for them. it was really funny.
as far as the whole airport thing goes, i came three minutes late to check in for my flight and had to switch to a later flight at one. i only have an hour and a half left to wait, though, so it's not that bad of a wait. i also got asked to be searched randomly for part of this australian government thing. kirkland went to perth yesterday because he was just so overtired, so now it's just me waiting in the airport. i guess kirkland and i just don't always have good luck when it comes to planes.
i'm really really looking forward to getting back to perth, as much fun as i had in sydney and melbourne, i'm looking forward to seeing my friends again!

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