Sunday, March 22, 2009

real world: south east asia

south east asia was INCREDIBLE. i have never felt so immersed in different cultures before and i loved every second of it. I went with three friends; Michelle, Andria and Kirkland. We flew from Perth to Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia on the 12th. KL was beautiful--we went to a bunch of temples and the petronas towers--the tallest twin towers in the worlds. they're even taller than the twin towers that used to be in NYC. when the towers light up at night, it's incredible. it's very interesting, their were many parts of KL that we passed that were very poor, yet this city is capable of having the largest twin towers in the world. Then we headed to Singapore on a five hour bus ride. Singapore is, by far, the cleanest city I have ever been too! You can't chew gum or else you get fined, you can't eat on the public transit or else you get fined, you can't spit or else you get fined--basically because of all these rules, you could eat off the streets and be perfectly fine. We saw the Merlion, which is sort of their mascot. They have two beautiful statues of the merlion--a mix between a mermaid and a merlion. They're beautiful. We also went to the southeastern most point in continental asia. There beaches around there were BEAUTIFUL. Then we headed to Jakarta, Indonesia. Jakarta has the most concentrated group of muslims in the entire world. Because of this, of course, the mosques were beautiful, as were the other temples! To end off the trip, we traveled to Bali, also in Indonesia, and stayed in a great resort right near the beach. The sunsets in Bali definately rivaled the ones in Australia, but I'd have to say Australia plevailed. The third picture on this post is a sunset from Bali, you be the judge.
So now i'm back in lovely perth! it was a great trip--i really enjoyed it. If you want to see more pictures, check out my facebook if we're facebook friends. I have four albums of pictures up.
now back to doing work and getting ready for classes to start back up again tomorrow. weird, eh?

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