Wednesday, March 11, 2009

joe purdy

i'm heading to malaysia, bali and singapore early tomorrow morning and won't be back in perth until the 21st. i won't have a computer with me, so the blog posts won't be as frequent, but i will definately post a bunch of pictures from the trip when i come back, so you can look forward to that.

i'll leave you with lyrics from a favourite new artist of mine, joe purdy.
my friend gave me some of his stuff and i'm honestly in love with it now.

"I've been to Holland and I've been to New York
and I've seen the Golden Gate Bridge
and I've done the things my parents have dreamed
but i aint never seen nothing like this"

'this' referring to australia, of course.

i am in love with this country.
if there was a stronger word for love, i'd use it.

until next post xx

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