Sunday, March 8, 2009

travelling around OZ

i'm in the airport waiting to board the plane back from melbourne to perth.
travelling was AWESOME!
i saw my friends erin and julia and manon from camp. i had a great time! manon and julias friends were turning 18, so i went to the party and met a bunch of their friends. they loved that i was american and kept asking me to say stuff for them. it was really funny.
as far as the whole airport thing goes, i came three minutes late to check in for my flight and had to switch to a later flight at one. i only have an hour and a half left to wait, though, so it's not that bad of a wait. i also got asked to be searched randomly for part of this australian government thing. kirkland went to perth yesterday because he was just so overtired, so now it's just me waiting in the airport. i guess kirkland and i just don't always have good luck when it comes to planes.
i'm really really looking forward to getting back to perth, as much fun as i had in sydney and melbourne, i'm looking forward to seeing my friends again!

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Walter L. Doti said...

No sabes cuán interesante puede ser el mundo.
You don´t know how interesting the world can be.

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