Friday, October 31, 2008

a rough week

but i am surviving.

i had two exams this week so far. i passed both of them, but not well.
i just need to be home with my parents and my sister elyse.
i'm counting down until saturday.

this weekend, my dad and i will sit down and finalize my flight schedule for australia.
i cannot wait to go, honestly this experience is needed.

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vickysplace1 said...

A word of encouragement.

I completed college with a BSN in Nursing. Life circumstances happened all around me, but what I did was to keep focused on getting that degree.

I started at 18 going to college very part time-1 english class, finished that class and did another class. I did not decide what degree I wanted until I was 21 years old. I then went full time and focussed on the degree.

The key is to focus on the degree that your heart desires. A place that you will love what you do. A place to take care of you. A place to share with love ones. The Best to You

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