Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Probably going to Sydney for a little bit while I'm down under, cannot wait!
I also need to make appointments with my two advisors to have them sign off on my classes. Good thing i don't need to make drop-in advising to create a schedule for next semester at Bridgewater, that's always so stressful.

The travel plans are coming along, I got my acceptance letter from Murdoch, and signed the consent form and sent it to AustraLearn.

Honestly, the people at AustraLearn are so nice. If you want to study abroad in Asia, Europe, Australia, etc. check out
They're great people. I'm so thankful to be headed off to Australia.

In other words, OBAMA IS THE NEXT PRESIDENT! I honestly feel so safe, secure and at peace already, I am so happy. I'm going to the inauguration--see you there?

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