Friday, November 14, 2008


I am sitting in the library using the only computer i have access too. My laptop is broken and I decided to get it fixed before I headed down under. I brought it to IT because they can fix it for free. I expected the process to take no longer than a day.

It's now wednesday--I turned it in on Monday. Three days can go by so slowly.

And guess what? I just went to the IT desk here and they say it could take until monday! Something about a part being shipped and getting lost? I also don't get a loaner laptop because they ran out.

Oh how life has a way of throwing you curve balls. It's just that I want to be able to update from the comforts of Scott 311 and I don't want to have to duke it out for a computer at the library just to work on my persuasive speech due tuesday.

But guess what?!


that is all.

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Hillary516 said...

Afreshski....I believe IT is screwing you. Most unfortunately

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