Sunday, November 23, 2008

it's 18 degrees here...

did i mention how psyched i was to be going to australia! warm warm warm!

i got some more paperwork off the australearn website, i need to fax some of it in before the 25th to let australearn know i accept the housing they gave me.

I am living in a single in a five bedroom apartment, and i am psyched!!

Today, i need to go to the library to fax the information in and then i need to make a copy of my health insurance card!

Lastnight, i applied for scholarships and signed up to do a volunteer weekend while abroad. Hopefully everything works out and I get a scholarship. I'll go to Murdoch with or without the scholarship, but recieving money would definitely be a big help.

I'm honestly so exhausted right now, after I fax the info in, I have to go to CVS because I have an ear infection and I need ear drops. exciting, i know.

I honestly cannot wait. There are so many beaches around perth, and I'm imagining me lying on the warm sand right now...

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