Monday, December 15, 2008

every once in awhile when i'm walking to class or taking a shower or doing homework, i'll stop and think about the upcoming trip.

i get surges of excitement

today, a guy named Adam facebook messaged me. He's from cape cod and he's part of a facebook group that brings study abroad students that will attend murdoch university together, and he's going the same time I am! Apparentally he just found me from the group because I posted a message saying I would be attending Spring 2009. He was like, we might as well connect before we leave so we'll know each other before we go down under. CRAZY THING IS, he actually knows a bunch of people that go to bridgewater, one of them being a friend of mine who actually lived on my floor lastyear and who lives in my building this year.

weird how the world can be so small.

Since I got my flights, I've been a little nervous about who I'll stay with after my classes end, etc. Of course I'll stay with Hills and Ant while I'm in Brisbane, but I had no idea who I would stay with in Sydney. My friend Erin and I were talking online and it turns out she lives in Sydney and invited me to stay with her from June 11th to the 18th. YAY!

Also, My my two friends Talia and Julia are going to be in Australia for the summer and they will be in Melbourne while I'll be in Sydney visiting my other friends Manon and Julia. We are planning a huge get together and I couldn't be happier.

On another note, though, I am a little sad that this is my last week at Bridgewater. I mean, of course I'm excited to go to Australia, but the fact that I won't be seeing a lot of my friends until september kind of upsets me.

As for break plans (I leave on Thursday), I'm working over New Years. Hills and my friend Mal are visiting western mass for a weekend in January, then wisdom teeth removal, and then up to Bridgewater to see some friends one last time before my February departure.

let's get the show on the road, baby

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