Sunday, December 28, 2008

after six hours in the car...

katie and i have made it to cape cod.

i can't believe i'm down to almost a month before my departure.
honestly, where the fuck did the time go?
right now, it's raining obscenely hard outside and katie and i are listening to jaymay on my ipod.
it's the perfect day.

i've already compiled a list of what i will miss at school, but home is much more extensive.
here is a list of what i'll miss (besides my friends and fam, of course) from home while i'm down under:
1) my kitties. (orly, of course, is so much better than austin)
2) tivo
3) big red couch
4) my bed
5) abbey road vinyl
6) the hot tub and outdoor shower
7) gas fireplace
8) doing laundry for free
9) lola
10) the quarry
11) the triplex, martins...GB in general
12) the apple tree
13) cider donuts
14) tibetan prayer flags
15) the outside furniture on the deck
16) my pink 'italian' beta fish, guilio
17) my lovebird

to follow comes a bunch of pictures of what i've been up too for the past couple of months. i've been maximizing the time i've had with friends since i won't see a huge majority of them for four and a half months.

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