Tuesday, December 16, 2008


ready for this?

Hills and I have to run to the heritage room in the BSC library for a mandatory meeting with all the people studying abroad this semester.

I sat between Matias and Hills and tried to pay attention.

We were given this binder from the Study Abroad Office ("do we really have to read all this shit?"-Matias) and I immediately start looking at the table of contents (because i'm a nerd?)

Anyways, I turn to page 16 where there is a list of cultural stereotypes. Apparentally, other countries hate us. I mean, they have every right to dislike us right now because of President Bush, but hopefully a bunch of these stereotypes will go away come ObamaNation.

Here are the stereotypes about the US:
-All Americans are wealthy, greedy, and materialistic
-We expect everybody to speak english
-We are ignorant of other countries and of current events
-Americans are independent
-We have a strong work ethic
-The United States is a land of opportunity
-We are prone to violence; many carry guns
-We want everything done our way
-Everyone eats fast food and drinks coca-cola (yes, they used the word coca-cola. outdated?)
-We are friendly
-Americans drink to get drunk
-We are loud

This prompted Matias to laugh (especially at the "greedy and materialistic" stereotype) and say "i'm so glad I'm not American". Now would actually be a good time to say that Matias is from Argentina, haha.

I packed up a bunch of my stuff today. Lola (my car) is honestly full. I only have a couple of clothes in the room and a few bare essentials.

our room is so empty that it echoes. I kid you not.

Also, my roommate just gave me my hannukah presents! Abbey Road vinyl and a Beatles calendar! I LOVE HILLS!

honestly, i'm looking forward to leaving here but I know I will miss my friends. I'm just glad I will get to see a lot of them before I head down under.

And when I'm down under, I'll get to see a whole lot of other friends (and make a bunch more)

signing off.

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