Monday, June 1, 2009

dude, heat wave?

okay, so i'm nonchalontly sitting in my room skyping with my friend talia and we're talking about how i'm about to go to the pool and get tan while studying for my biology exam. she's like "i want to be tan!" i was like, "you will be, believe me" (sidenote: she's heading to the eastern side of australia in about ten days for six weeks). she said "no, it will be winter there". i explain to her that australia honestly has no ozone layer, so she'll tan even if it's winter.
that's when i check the temperature on my clock to see how hot it is in my room. let it be known that i have both my windows open and my fan on. this is what my thermometor said:

really? 110 DEGREES! really? it's winter here and it's still hot as hell in my room!

i laughed over this--in massachusetts winter time is easily in the negatives.

oh australia, how you still continue to amaze me.

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