Wednesday, June 3, 2009

the flatmate dinner!

okay, so in the past 4 months, my flatmates and i have always wanted to get together and go out for dinner. what was supposed to be a 'once a month' thing never happened.

well, i have less than 2 weeks here and we finally got our act together.

if you know me well enough, you know i love chinese food. actually love it, like more than any other type of food in the whole entire world.

kardinya is only about a ten minute walk from our flat and whenever we go to the shopping centre, we pass a chinese food restuarant and it's ALWAYS packed, so we decided to go there because it must be good.

we were right
it was incredible!

chinese food restaurants are different than they are in the western hemisphere. people in australia (and southeast asia, according to my two singaporean roommates) use both the spoon and fork to eat chinese food. i think americans are the only people who eat with only forks for the most part, because during dinner, laura (from finland) and angel and ailin (from singapore) asked me if i ever use a spoon.

my response: "yeah, i use a spoon if i'm eating cereal or soup or ice cream and stuff like that"
their response: stares.

it was pretty funny.

not going to lie, it took me a while to eat with only a fork, but i stuck to my american roots.

the dinner was really fun, we all had a great time! i wish we had actually gone more than once. but one time is better than none at all, eh?
i'm really really going to miss angel, laura and ailin

i love you guys!

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