Saturday, June 6, 2009

murdoch uni in all its glory!

a lot of my friends want to know what studying abroad is like, especially what the school is like.
just for fun, i looked up murdoch uni on
the definition seems pretty right to me:

murdoch is CRAZY when it comes to finals, though. super strict! i took two finals yesterday and am real proud to say that i actually survived!

the first one was my biology final. everything seemed to go pretty well with that, but it was wicked long and took me the whole three hours to finish. i think i did relatively well, other than the fact that i defined zooplankton as plankton that lives in a zoo...

better than leaving it blank, eh?

the second final was for my 'principles of language and lit' ed class. this one was A LOT easier. the essay writing wasn't bad at all, and picking out the processes, participants and circumstances in each sentence was pretty easy, so i was psyched!

two finals down, one to go!

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