Thursday, February 5, 2009

g'day, mate!

i'm finally here! it's actually ridiculous how busy i've been, so i feel bad i haven't been able to update as much, but seriously, this place is fucking beautiful.

i have been here for three days and have snorkeled in the great barrier reef, held a koala, pet a kangaroo and went to a bar--all of which i can't do in the states.

it's crazy how hot it is down here, but i'm totally enjoying it because back home it's freezing. one of my friends from school told me that bridgewater had to be closed down because of the weather. when bridgewater was being closed down for too much snow, i was watching aboriginals dance and sunbathing on a sailboat in a bikini. life is sweet.

the thing about cairns is it honestly rains during the wet season like...every day. it's humid as hell but perth will be different. definitely not as rainy, definitely not as humid. sweeeet.

i fly out of cairns tomorrow and head to ayers rock, then finally perth where i move into my apartment. it's gonna be pretty sweet.

i'm pushing through jet lag pretty well, considering it's 15 hours ahead here. i was DEAD tired when i got off the plane, but i can't complain--i'm here!

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