Monday, February 23, 2009

transatlanticism part 2

on february 19th, i was the happiest person alive.
i am not exagerrating at all.
i was sitting in the grass with my roommates, patten, and sarah listening to deathcab and it finally hit me that i was in WA. i can't even explain what feeling came over me, but all the tension was released and i was hit with the most pure feeling of happiness ever imaginable. it was, by far, the happiest i have ever been in my life.
right then and there, i decided to keep that feeling with me always.
i am here to enjoy australia, and that is exactly what i plan on doing.
transatlanticism is my favourite death cab for cutie song. they played it as their encore and, standing in the grass, i almost started crying. it is one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded and being able to listen to it live in australia was incredible.
until next time. xx

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