Wednesday, February 18, 2009


tomorrow night, i am going to see deathcab for cutie in freemantle.
let me repeat that--DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE.

let me list the reasons i am excited:
-first band i'm seeing on oz (hopefully a first of many)
-i saw them in may of last year but it's been awhile and i can't wait to see them again
-it's death cab!
-chris walla; need i say more?

but before i see the show, i have two classes.
my first class is an 8:30AM one, lame! definately could be worse, though--at bridgewater our earliest class is at 8. Atleast i get an extra half hour to sleep in, eh? it's a workshop, which is a hell of a lot better than a lecture that early in the morning. it's my 'learning through the arts' WS which i'm pretty excited about--minus the time.
my next class is my biology lecture which i'm much less excited about. it's from 2:30-3:30 so it's only an hour, thank god! i had my lab scheduled for yesterday but it turns out labs don't start until week three. i was so relieved/excited/happy.
then after class, my official weekend begins!
what better way to kick off a weekend then with death cab, right?
i rest my case.

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