Monday, February 2, 2009

last update in the states

Above are some of the pictures from the LA bus tour i took--it was pretty cool, i'm glad i did it. it gave me something to do before i had to go to the airport.
i'm at LAX right now and i met my group members--i love every single one of them, they're great and we all seem to mesh pretty well. if i like them now after only knowing them for a few hours, imagine after a 14 hour plane ride, eh?
it's 1:20am at home, but in LA it's after 10. i'm not even tired but once i hit that plane seat, i'm pretty sure i'll fall asleep :)

the next post will come from australia--get excited, because i am!

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to wake up and wish.. said...

We are waiting for the Koala Bear pics.....

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