Monday, April 6, 2009

apple crumble!

today, my lovely finnish roommate, laura, made us apple crumble for dessert! naturally, i was PSYCHED! first of all, it's been so so long since i've had homemade dessert. secondly, australian apples are to.die.for. like..actually incredible. i couldn't really help with the directions because they were all in metric, but i tried. basically, it's wicked easy to make and it turns out really really good! you need three apples, butter, flour, sugar, cinnamon, and oats--that's it.

I'm not a chef whatsoever, but i could totally make this at home and i totally will. if only the united states had australian apples...

Because i'm actually ridiculous, i decided to post the recipe on 'with love, down under'. not really for any particular reason, but if you want to use this recipe, totally go for it.

but you'll have to convert metric to english, first...

Our flat doesn't have an actual oven, it has a convection microwave, so it takes a little longer than 30 minutes to bake, but it's totally worth it!

i cannot explain the pure goodness and joy i felt when the apple crumble was finally ready to eat. IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER! I want laura to come to the united states and make apple crumble for me everyday. i wish the commute from finland to the states wasn't so long (and expensive).

i actually love my roommate a whole whole lot. i'll have to pay her back for this somehow...

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