Monday, April 20, 2009

brisbane, oh brisbane.

i woke up this morning at 7:30AM because my brain is still on brisbane time. this past week, like i hoped, has been full of ridiculousness. i miss it already.

day one, after being on the airplane for what seems like forever, i leave the gate and find anthony john spinaze waiting patiently for my arrival. with him is his friend grant. i am overcome with happiness. it is so so so good to finally see him! we go to his friends vic's house, where i'll be staying for the next week. immediately, the adventures begin. ant takes me to a gay bar called 'the wickham', where he goes regularly. tonight, though, was not a regular night. after being introduced to some of the odd brisbane night life, raver pants, etcetera, ant and i decide that the wickham is just too weird tonight. we spent the entire night crouched in a corner of the club, clutching our jug of beer, and trying to not attract any attention. not attracting any attention, though, is hard for both of us. ant immediately drops his pants to reveal to me his new tattoo on his leg, which causes way to much attention. the weirdo's in the wickham, in all there fur collar and acid jean delight, are all staring at us. after finishing the jug of beer, we realise that now is our escape. right before we leave, though, it suddenly get's busy and we are SURROUNDED. we see a minor trying to sneak in by going under the fence; he's not to suave about it though, and the bouncer totally sees him. when everyone was looking at the minor being chastised, ant and i make our escape. contrary to what we actually believed at that time, we actually made it out alive.

day two is easter! i'm jewish, and i've never celebrated easter, but that didn't stop me from celebrating my first easter with ant's entire extended family. ant and i take a bus too his sister, tina's, house. of course, we had to take pictures of us on the bus--it was necesarry. once at tina's house, i met his mom, a bunch of his siblings, his neices and nephews, and i saw cath! a little bit of background may be needed here; ant and i met while working together at camp jewell. his sister, cath, also worked there. i hadn't seen her in forever, so seeing her and her girlfriend, jenny, was really great. We ended up playing singstar with his neices and nephews and had boxed wine, which was apparentally invented in australia, who knew? it was just really really nice to get to meet all of ants family. ant's mom, sandra, gave me australian chocolate, and so did cath! it was a great first easter :)

day three consisted of us going to south bank to get breakfast and then heading to the new QLD state library. we also went to the 'sciencentre' and parts of the brisbane art gallery, where grant works. while we were in the 'sciencentre', we saw these wooden cutouts of dinosaurs and bugs and you could put your head in them and take pictures. ant, being 26 years young, and i, being almost 20, decided to take pictures of us being ridiculous. the pictures turned out to be hysterical. we were probably the only people over the age of 6 to be taking pictures in the wooden cutouts. 10 points for us.

day four, and i woke up to ant watching an australian movie called 'praise'. DO NOT WATCH IT, i repeat, DO NOT. it's actually gross. we couldn't even finish the movie because of how horrible it was. a while after we stopped watching the movie and got our appetites back, Iain (vic's brother), ant, and i went to a bakery to get some food. then, iain dropped us off at ant's house, where i saw his mom again and played with his cat, mamadukes. then, ant and i headed to queen street in brisbane city. after that, pucki (iain and vic's other housemate) made us dinner, and grant, ant, vic, and i went to baskin' robbin's for some ice cream :) it was really nice to walk by the river at night. for some reason, baskin' robbin's peanut butter and chocolate ice cream is just so much better when you eat it while looking at brisbane city all lit up.

day five, ant had to work from 9AM-6PM, so i was on my own. i decided to hit up queen street again because i needed a new pair of jeans. it was really fun, and i was excited because i knew just enough of the city to be able to navigate myself in the right direction. of course, i ended up buying more than just a pair of jeans. queen street reminds me of perth, in a way. grey brick streets, shops, street musicians, lots of fun.

side note: i'm reading a book called 'shantaram' and it's absolutely amazing! it's definately a novel, so it's been taking me awhile to read it, but i got a lot of reading done during the plane rides, and i picked out a poem i read from it and it's incredible, so i'm totally going to write it here:

to make sure non followed where you led
i used my hair to cover our tracks.
sun set on the island of our bed
night rose
eating echoes
and we were beached there, in tangles of flicker,
candles whispering at the driftwood of our backs.
your eyes above me
afraid of the promises i might keep
regretting the truth we did say
less than the lies we didn't.
i went in deep, i went in deep
to fight the past for you.
now we both know
sorrows are the seeds of loving.
now we both know i will live and
i will die for this love.

day six, and ant worked all day. i ended up heading to the QLD library again, and found my way to queen street. hung out, walked around, and then headed back to vic's for some quality 'simpson' and 'biggest loser australia' viewing pleasure.

day seven, jenny took ant and i to lone pine koala sanctuary, which is the oldest koala sanctuary in australia. it was really really fun! i got to hold another koala, two times in three months, pretty sweet, eh? we also got to hang out with some roo's, and of course, i took way to many pictures to post all of them here. check out my facebook for the entire album, but i posted the picture of me and a kangy and me and teresa the koala :) after lone pine, we all headed to tina's house again. jenny and i played '90's singstar' and '80's singstar'. needless to say, i am completely in love with nineties music, i can't help it. it was also great to see some of ant's neices and nephews again.

day eight, i met up with hills and her boyfriend, joe, who is visiting brisbane for two weeks! they just came back from new zealand, and it was my last full day in brizzy, so it was the perfect time to meet up with them! joe and hills and i hung out at queen street, saw some of the griffith campus, walked around brisbane city, and went to pancake manor, a 24 hour pancake house that used to be a church! it was so good to see them!

day nine, my last day in brisbane. woke up early, headed to the airport, bid farewell to ant and his friends, and headed back to perth. it's definately good to be back at murdoch, i missed all my friends here, but i'll definately miss brisbane. it was a great trip.
goodbye brisbane, don't know when i'll see you again!

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