Saturday, April 11, 2009


on thursday during my ELED260 tutorial, you know, the education class where i got to make origami and colour with craypas?--well, this week we started working on our performance projects.

in groups of no more than five, we have to pick a fairytale and reset the story with a different plot. my tutorial picked 'prison' as the plot.

i suppose now would be a good time to tell you that my groups fairytale is goldilocks.

guess who get's to play goldilocks? me. you know why? because my group wanted goldilocks to have an accent. obviously, i'm the only american in my group, meaning i'm the only one who has an accent in my group. pronto, i'm goldilocks.

there is a little bit of a problem, though. the cover of the book shows goldilocks looking proper with, well..golden locks.

now let's look at a picture of me. i do not have golden locks. i do, however, have an accent, so i guess if goldilocks needs to have an accent, i'll be perfect for the role.

so, i'm pretty sure the whole goldilocks in prison thing kind of confused some people, so i'll give you the background to our new plot.

once upon a time, goldilocks is exploring in the woods and comes across a house. she's really really tired, so she goes into the unlocked house and falls asleep in a bed. while she's sleeping, a burgular comes in and breaks the chairs, eats and porridge, and breaks the bed (all while goldilocks is sleeping!!!) the bears come home, find goldilocks sleeping in the bed, and blame the whole ordeal on her. poor goldilocks is sent to jail, and wa-lah, you have the setting.

before you know it, i'll have this goldilocks thing set pat. my tutor came up to me and commented on how i should really play guitar and sing during the show--i had a HUGE project due for this class, and included was a powerpoint. the backup song to my powerpoint was a recording of me singing 'ain't no cover' by regina spektor. i guess my tutor was watching it and realised it was a recording of me singing. i haven't gotten my grade back, yet, but if she liked the song, hopefully she liked everything else.

tomorrow, i go to brisbane to visit ant. can't wait can't wait can't wait!

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