Thursday, April 2, 2009

what education majors do in australia

flashback to mrs. campbells art class from elementary school--seriously. apparentally, australian education majors get to do cool things in their workshops.

this morning, i walk into my 'learning through the arts' workshop. jazz is playing in the background. amazing. the days already gone off to a great start because of that. this week's topic was about 'exploring improvisation & exploring transformation within one art form'. We studied different types of art:
-representational art & story telling
-representational art; the pinnacle
-optical mixing
-modernism & pure abstraction

& we learned about Wassily Kandinsky.

Wassily Kandansky was an abstract expressionist artist. he believed that colours, lines, and shapes should be like music--vibrating through your body.

task one: pick out a Kandinsky painting and, as a group, talk about what you like about it. our group chose 'homage to will grohmann', which was painted in 1926.
what i liked
-the outside border looks like watercolours
-the square in the middle has miniature coloured squares in it
task two: pick out a Kandinsky painting and choose a square of it. tape around the square and copy that part of the painting onto a piece of paper. the image that we copied had to be 'positive', whatever that meant to you. to me, positive meant bright colours. (this would be a good time to tell you that i really am a terrible artist). i chose 'homage to will grohmann', and decided to tape around the square in the middle, with all of the miniature squares inside the bigger square. we totally got to use cray-pa's, which was awesome!
task three: tape a square of a 'negative' piece of the same painting. this time, don't copy it, but take inspiration from it; make it your own. like 'positive' meant bright colours, 'negative' meant dark colours. i chose an area of the painting with more black in it. since we had to change it up, i used blue, purple, and red to bring in more dark colours.
task four: as a group, take all of your picture squares and create a quilt.
this is a picture of my two pictures together. below it is a picture of our final product.

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