Monday, January 12, 2009

minor freak out

it's just that my life is so good right now that i can't imagine picking up and leaving it. 
i know that this experience will change me for the better--i'll be more independent and i'll learn a lot about myself, but sometimes i feel like right now is not a good time.

i don't want to leave my friends and my family and my boyfriend.

yesterday, one of my best friends, katie, went back to UVM. i won't see her until june. My friend Laura left, too, and because she's graduating, i have no way of knowing when i will see her again. And my sister, jess, went back to ohio. she's planning on going to colorado this summer, and if she gets accepted, she'll be leaving while i'm away. the gang of four (my sisters and i) will not be together again until thankgsiving break in november...

alena leaves on the 19th, and she's going to peru. all of my friends are leaving and going back to school and i have to be here freaking out on my own.

i'm also getting my wisdom teeth out day after tomorrow--great.

the only thing that makes it better is the fact that i still have a good three weeks to get ready and be with as many people as possible. until i leave, i will enjoy every experience. also, ten more days until obama's inauguration. SO EXCITED.

i know i will be okay with everything and that australia, in time, will fall into place. it's a huge opportunity and i know it will be incredible. it's the building up to the departure that is freaking me out.

until then, peace.

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