Monday, January 19, 2009

only child.

my sister alena left for washington this morning. i am officially an only child.

it's weird, it's never just been my parents and i. my dad is leaving tomorrow to meet alena in DC and go to the inauguration. my mom and i are apparentally not as cool and are going to watch it on tv.

wisdom teeth removal is almost healed--thank god! for awhile there, i looked like i was playing chubby bunnies.

CAN YOU BELIEVE I LEAVE SO SOON?!?! crazy, someone needs to pinch me now. i'm pretty excited, but i still have ALOT to do before i leave--like...pack. which is pretty important. i'm allowed to bring two suitcases, one carryon, and one personal item (which is the guitar, obvs.)

i have a feeling i won't see alena for nine months. she's going to peru this summer and she leaves before i even get back from oz. not sure when she gets back from peru to go to school but hopefully i will see her before thanksgiving--that would be ideal.

i have a feeling i'll see elyse again before i leave since she only goes to school an hour away.

jess is all the way out in ohio, but i'll see her this summer unless she goes to colorado.

it's weird, everybody is leaving to go back to school and i'm not-kind of an unnerving feeling. i sometimes  feel like i've been home for so long that i'm moving back in and not going anywhere. that feeling usually goes away when i see the huge amount of luggage patiently waiting in the corner of my room.

i leave in 13 days. insane.

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