Thursday, January 15, 2009


the next couple of posts will be filled with overdramatic nonsense.

i think i am dying.

ha okay fine, it's not that bad at all but i got my wisdom teeth out yesterday.
i'm also ridiculous and have ruled out all hardcore pain meds, like vicatin.

i'm surviving on apple sauce and ibuprofen.

i mean, it sucks, but it's definitely not as bad as i made it out to be in my head. i went in yesterday and was FREAKING out. there were two nurses there and the oral surgeon and i basically was so nervous about getting knocked out that i was swearing and crying and acting ridiculous. the surgeon was like "if you fight the anesthesia, then it will not be a good experience. the last thing i remember saying was "i'm so scared" and then one of the doctors was like, "you're on a beach" and i was GONE.

i woke up an hour later with a mouth full of gauze and i honestly felt so high it was GREAT. those drugs are amazing, let me tell you. the oral surgeon said it was a pretty routine procedure. in fact, just taking ibuprofen makes a difference, especially with the swelling. i have a little bit of a headache right now, but i'm thinking that i just need sleep.

did i mention that i only got like, three hours of sleep? i'm not good sleeping on my back with my head propped up, and i woke up to change my ice pack like, three times. yesterday i was in less pain than today, only because i routinely took my ibuprofen, but now since i didn't take it any time during the night, it may take awhile to kick in. i just took it 15 minutes ago and it seems to definitely be helping.

i'm just the type of person that likes to "do shit" as i keep telling my parents. that does not include lying around doing nothing, but my boyfriend came over and kept me company yesterday which was SWEET. and my sister is here, too, so she'll be able to hang out with me. the swelling isn't all that bad, only swollen on one side, so maybe i'll actually get to leave the house tomorrow or today? i definitely will keep taking it easy, though.

right now, it's 7:40 AM, and i've been up for about an hour. my parents woke me up to see how i was doing, which is wicked nice of them. i really really want to shower but i don't think i can yet, i don't want to like, get shampoo in my mouth or anything, that would suck haha. i can definitely open my mouth wider then i could yesterday, and i can smile (sort of) so i guess that's good.

i'll probably pop in a movie and end up falling asleep. PEACE.

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