Friday, May 1, 2009

a countdown to 20, day 1: kevin turns 21.

yay kevin, you're legal in the states!
lastnight, yet again, was filled with ridiculousness.
here's the order of events:

1. go out to eat at joe's seafood shack (and drink corona's with lemon).
2. kevin's flat.
3. sing disney songs on the bus.
4. newport.
5. see john butler hanging out on the streets of freo.
6. orient bar.
7. make cheesy eggs.

it was a spectacular day, can't believe it's already may 1st! you know what that means--i turn 20 in a week. crazy? oh, i think so.

hope your birthday was sweet, kevin!

1 comment:

Kevin said...

pfshhhh how come i didn't get any cheesy eggs? thanks a lot alex.

jk <3

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