Sunday, May 10, 2009

birthday weekend and mother's day!

the birthday weekend got off to a great start friday night, but waking up saturday morning and realising it was still my birthday back home called for a bit more celebrating. i hadn't been to the beach in awhile and everything was in favour of me going, it was as if scarborough beach was just calling my name; the weather was amazing, so april, chris and i headed out to scarbs for a mid afternoon chill session-and chill it was. i found it amusing--it's winter here, hello, winter! (and you can still be in a bikini and at the beach!) wow, i love this place.

birthday's are always great, but getting to celebrate mine in australia was pretty stellar, not going to lie. first of all, it's the only birthday where i will be legal before my 21st. also, my birthday came 12 hours before my sister's and my dad's birthday-when else will that ever happen?

we finished off tonight by watching movies and eating cookie dough.
a perfect end to a saturday beach day :)

and it's nearly 1am here, which means today is mother's day! so mom, happy mother's day!

hope it's fantastic!

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