Sunday, May 17, 2009

kirkland and his 23rd

lastnight , a bunch of us went to 'little creatures
brewery' in freo to celebrate kirkland's 23rd birthday! kirkland's actual birthday isn't until tuesday, but he's leaving to go back to the states on wednesday, so an early celebration was good!

he will be the first of the australearn group to depart
how sad is that?

it was really really great to see him, i've been so busy that i haven't been able to hang out with him as much as i'd like, but lastnight was a great reunion for the both of us! and the nacho's were AMAZING. seriously, if i hadn't eaten that jalapeno, they would have been even more amazing.

and 'little creatures' is also amazing! it was my first time being there and i fell in love with it. the whole atmosphere was awesome.

i'll miss you!

1 comment:

Kevin said...

that was your first time at little creatures? where the hell have you been??!!?

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