Sunday, May 3, 2009

a countdown to 20, day 3: banksia & eucalypts

banksia tree

show's how much i know about australian flora & fauna. i had no idea this is what a banksia tree looked like. does it even look like a tree to you?

i'm actually dying, i've been working on this bio lab for what seems like forever. i even went to the library twice. it took me approximately an hour to check out two books on australian trees. people must have thought i was nuts--i was looking at every single book on banksia and eucalypts and making photocopies.

that's right, i'm a freak.
but i totally got so much information, so hopefully i get an HD on this lab!

eucalypt tree

the only reason i know what these look like is because koala's eat eucalyptus leaves and get high off of them. that's right--koala's are stoned pretty much 24/7. that's why they don't move around a lot, they just get to sit there and look cute.

now, who wants to help me write this report?

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