Thursday, May 14, 2009


okay, so now would be a good time to explain to you my completely and utterly absurd obsession for the tv show, lost. so i totally missed the bandwagon on this one and started watching the show from the very beginning this past december.

i finished season one (so good!) but then i came here and unfortunately, doesn't stream anywhere outside of the US. therefore, i have been completely lost free and i hate it. HATE it. especially because a new season started lastnight in the states and i am still only caught up on season one.

so i decided to do something about it. after months and months after trying to find a loophole and watching the episodes in australia, i found a site that works! now i can watch an episode a night before i go to sleep :)

lost is so intense, though, i doubt i'll be able to sleep...but i can't wait :)

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